Our Schools

Our Schools

In the Nile Delta, where all Egyptian cotton is grown, there are half a million children without access to education. With your help, we’re working to change that.

A girl in class at a Kotn school

The Nile Delta

We’ve always maintained a close tie to our roots, learning about our farmers’ struggles in the process. After many conversations with our partners, our biggest takeaway was a need for convenient access to education for their children. The numbers we’re up against: 40m people live in the Nile Delta, 25% of Egyptians are illiterate, 70% of whom are women.

A girl in class at a Kotn school asking for help

The State of Education

  1. Primary schools are few and far between, leading to over-crowded classrooms.
  2. Most rural children don’t have access to safe transportation and many end up dropping out.
  3. Young girls are not given the same learning opportunities as boys, widening the gender gap.
  4. There’s a direct correlation between illiteracy and poverty.
Girls in a classroom in the Kotn school

Our Schools

Working with a local NGO, we’re working to provide every child in our farming communities with safe, convenient, quality education. We’ve also prioritized a 2:1 female to male student ratio in an effort to empower young girls to experience equal opportunity.

With every purchase, your orders fund the build-out and operations of school infrastructure, salaries for teachers, laptops, maintenance for the roads that link communities to our schools, books and supplies, science labs, water and electricity, furniture, and technical training for facilitators.

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